Nanostate Chronotope

memo. re: CHRONOTOPE (timespace locus) of Nanostate. Clarification of the time postulate (TP) of the Nanostate, especially as implicit in articles 3, 4, 5, of the Nanostate Protocol vol 1 (NPv1), published 1900 hrs pm BST 270898.

This is intended as confirmation, for the benefit of prospective Nanostate-users, that the TP, formally stated as time T given by the ("stopped") Omega clock is primarily formulated in order to guarantee that the Nanostate is a pure form of RPE ("RPE" = Real Political Entity, approximately "nation state"; for details see NPv1), also that actions, statements and representations made or conducted within, through, to or from the Nanostate are real (at least transactionally and ontologically; for "real" see Nanostate Protocol vol 2 forthcoming).

The (Omega) clock "stopped" at time T (with geospatially defining operators as in NPv1 article 3) temporally "situates" the Nanostate in real time, specifically at a set of real points in the time continuum.

"Real" is here used in reference to the continuum of real numbers. These are classically understood as a non-countable infinity, and as infinitely greater in number than the (countably infinite) rationals, represented for example in digital form as the aggregate of all possible terminating or recurring decimals. ("The rationals are spotted in the line like stars in a black sky while the dense blackness is the firmament of the irrationals" (Georg Cantor); the Nanostate may be seen as inhabiting a set of points in a fairly sparsely occupied time.) In this sense, time normally taken as a series of digitally terminated recordings is in fact a set of lattices spread over the continuum of real time.

To help users' appreciation of how this enhances the scope for activity, the analogy with real space is indicative: quantizing, usually digital lattices recording dimension, viscosity, atomic or genetic composition, cost, price etc ("metrics" in NPv1 terminology), tend to bracket off residues as error or random noise (Katsuhito Ogata 1995). NPv1 articles 9-12, 14, 15 outline ways in which such interactions/ disjunctures between an "object system" and a measurement apparatus may be reconceptualized in terms of a real (here, also "lived") continuum.

Note. Users will need to be assured that the Nanostate TP does not pretend to be in respect of the fundamental givens of the physical universe, but to offer a postulational basis for real transactional, political and aesthetic intervention within honorifically defined ostensible constants of geopolitical space. Timespace singularities occurring in this space have nothing in common with the absurdities Einstein considered them to be within the fabric of the timespace of the General Theory (Bangs, Crunches, Whimpers and Shrieks. Earman 1995).

Text: Bolzem 1998 (copyright)