Nanostate Reading Room

Dates: 17th - 19th September 1999

@ Golders Green Club, 983 Finchley Road, London NW11

Nanostate Reading Room was a three-day live art event - a manifestation of the Nanostate. A collection of artefacts and texts which were both appropriated and custom fabricated became the state library. Artefacts ranged from communications with international organisations (such as the World Trade Organisation), to reconfigured objects, novels, images, maps and personal testimonies. Additional performances and seminars continued and developed the theme.

Nanostate provided the Librarians who performed the rituals of access to this archive for visitors. This access was mediated by the playing of snooker, which itself has origins in the strategy games of state forces.

Contributions came from artists, writers, mathematicians, musicians, performers, and snooker players.

The site is a private snooker club that was overlaid by Nanostate for the duration of the event. There are echoes here of the working men's reading rooms of the past, and specifically of Rodchenko's Workers' Revolutionary Reading Room exhibited in Paris in the 20's. Snooker itself functions as an orderly system based upon agreed conventions and spatial definition. The game became the means of access to the library - a kinetic catalogue.