Activities of Nano

Past, present and future activities are displayed here.



1. Declaration of the Nanostate, through its manifestation in the exhibition 71:40 at Milch, London. This was in the form of the Mobile Embassy. [29.08.97]

2. Compilation of the Nanostate Protocol Vol.1, by Brian Chadwick [08.97]

3. The Nanostate Archive contains further documents etc.

4. The Nano Cards, delivering personal greetings from Nano.

5. The establishment of the hub and forum of the Nanostate - this website (phase one)

6. Nanobake - Nano cookery [08.99]

7. Nanostate Reading Room, in September 1999 at the Golders Green Club

8. Application by Nanostate for Accession to observer status of the World Trade Organisation

9. Five-language reading event at live-stock ram fm [04.00]

10. The Nanostate Energy Secretariat (shockwave / document) is presented at The Virtual Mine, Gegenort, Germany, August - September 2001

11. is selected by The British Library as one of a group of web sites to be archived in a pilot scheme (Domain UK: Web Archiving Pilot Project at the British Library) - August 2001

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The Nanostate Protocol Volume 2 is currently being prepared, and will be accompanied by a launch event

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Further events and exhibitions, seminars, assemblies

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