Introduction to Nanostate

Nanostate is a state with a geography that is variable with respect to time. Its physical area is not constant, but conforms at some time or other to each of the 24 time zones across the globe.

It is in constant but discontinuous motion and it passes through every point on the planet. From hour to hour it is elsewhere. Every country repeatedly hosts the Nanostate. Every citizen of every country is at some moment a visitor to the Nanostate.

Nano is a political state in its pure form. It is intended to evolve, i.e. to be progressively transformed. Therefore its founding condition is not fixed, but subject to alteration, suggestion, influence...

Nanostate has no government as such, but is given its trajectory by the initiating group.

Nanostate has been founded by the artists Peter Dukes, James Hutchinson, Do Murray, Helena Swatton. The concept was initiated by the mathematically inclined realist and linguist 'Bolzem', who has written the Nanostate Protocol vol 1. This document provides the core theory of the Nanostate. This core is subject to continuous collaborative development, and includes the participation of a diverse group of contributors - practitioners and theorists.

Nanostate will manifest itself through various means of aesthetic and political intervention. See the sections: activities, archive, relations for more information.

This site provides the hub for the continually shifting Nanostate. You can contact us at hub at nanostate dot org. Alternatively use the form included in this site.